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Authentic Indian food

Learn to Blend Spices

At Crafting Curries, you will learn to cook authentic Indian food by blending spices, layering flavours, and crafting curry sauces. The whole process is broken down in easy to follow steps to create healthy and flavoursome food.

During these classes you will be exposed to how cooking and sharing forms an integral part to an Indian home. Tips and precious secrets are woven with stories from each region to complete the experience.

What Our Participants Say


Absolutely would recommend! Learnt so much about Indian cuisine while making gorgeous dishes. Couldn’t wait to eat the entire time! Cathy is so lovely and friendly, really enjoyed her class. Couldn’t have asked for a better Indian cooking teacher! Was perfect for a beginner like me, and we made so much food in so little time! Small classes, so have a really fun and friendly feel. 10/10 would go again and learn some more recipes!

Calma Hawkes

I had a really great time learning to create dishes with Crafting Curries. As a student, I’m always looking for new things to cook, and in my class with Cathy, I was taught how to prepare a range of dishes, from a simple, quick and cheap lentil dal to a more luxurious butter chicken. I was so surprised at how easy it was to create incredibly tasty dishes! I would recommend Crafting Curries to anyone wishing to explore Indian food further, as Cathy is the perfect teacher.

Kathryn Bailey

I went to Cathy’s kitchen to learn to make curries in general and feel more confident with using spices! She is brilliant at explaining why and how a spice reacts to food and its healthy property. All info. You don’t find easily in recipe books! So, after spending a lovely evening cooking and eating with my husband, I can master a simple but very tasty dal curry and I know how to cook rice perfectly, make chapatis and pakoras confidently.
Thank you Cathy xxxx

Concetta Laquintana

This was a great way to spend an evening – time well spent. Cathy took us through the steps to create pakoras, onion bhajis and then a lentil dal, with potato and aubergine accompaniment. She talked us through the qualities of all the spices and ingredients, then took us into the prepping, cooking and serving – paying real attention to tips and details to give dishes an authentic flavour. I used to think my curries were ok, but with Cathy’s tips for “tempering”, they have gone to the next level. All very relaxed and fun!!!!

James Fordham

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